Vibration Testing for Electric Motors

Recognize potential failures before it’s too late!

Vibration testing is an important service in determining the source of potential mechanical failure. In many cases, failing bearings can be traced to unbalanced rotor or armature causing undue stress on the bearing. These factors can ultimately produce a costly failure. Vibration testing is performed during operation to help identify the source of failure. Electric Repair & Machine Co. offers vibration testing in order to help you identify the exact cause of any issues or problems in your system.

The benefits of vibration testing include:

  • Proper diagnosis of mechanical failure
  • Ability to treat issue before complete failure occurs
  • Avoiding the cost and inconvenience of possible emergency service

Our team at Electric Repair & Machine Co. provides vibration testing at an affordable and honest price. We offer a wide range of services that can assist you in repairing any broken or faulty products or parts. In addition, we offer free estimates and use products from major manufacturers to ensure you receive the services you are looking for. Call us at (416) 251-1015 for more information about our vibration testing services.

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