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Electric Motor Repair in Toronto

Serving the Greater Toronto Area Since 1926

With more than 150 years of combined expeirience on our shop floor, we have the expertise you are looking for. At Electric Repair & Machine Co., we first opened its doors in 1926 and have been providing excellent service with clear customer satisfaction ever since. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you with everything from simple replacement to complex repair. Contact our office at (416) 251-1015 for more information or a free estimate!

We offer the following services:

We continually expand our knowledge of electric motor repairs!

Our company was founded on the principles of providing electric motor repair to the greater Toronto area. Since the beginning, we have continually expanded our knowledge and service to address your specific needs as our customer. Servicing a variety of industries from property managers and manufacturers to food production, our clients rely on us for quality services, replacement motors and pumps.

The following things set us apart from other businesses:

  • Serving our valued customers since 1926
  • Licensed millwrights and electricians
  • Direct relationships with major manufacturers
  • Member of EASA
  • Trustworthy and honest pricing
  • High quality service

Our team prides itself on helping customers find solutions in a reliable, efficient, and cost effective manner. We help clients with a variety of needs and supply products from over 20 quality manufacturers. In addition, we offer free pickup and delivery for your convenience as well. Call Electric Repair & Machine Co. at (416) 251-1015 to see how we can serve you!

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 150 Years of Combined Experience on our shop floor
  • Licensed Millwrights Electricians
  • Direct Relationships with Major Manufacturers
  • Member of EASA
  • Trustworthy and Honest Pricing
  • Great Service and High Quality is Our Top Priority