AC Motor Repair at Electric Repair & Machine Co.

We can repair your AC motor!

When you choose Electric Repair & Machine Co for your AC motor repair needs, you are putting your trust in the right hands.

Our AC motor overhauls and rewind services may include:

  • Disassembling and inspecting bearings, end bell housings, and motor winding
  • Replacing bearings with high quality bearings
  • Assembling, test operation within specified parameters
  • Inspecting laminations and repairing as required
  • Rewinding stator
  • Making new coils using inverter duty magnet wire
  • Reinsulating winding by using high temperature class F or H insulation
  • Varnishing and baking winding

Our thorough process at Electric Repair & Machine Co. enables you to receive comprehensive and quality service. The direct relationship we have with major manufacturers ensures that our products and services are reliable and meet the highest standards. Contact us at (416) 251-1015 to receive exceptional service from a trusted company that has served the community for several decades.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 150 Years of Combined Experience on our shop floor
  • Licensed Millwrights Electricians
  • Direct Relationships with Major Manufacturers
  • Member of EASA
  • Trustworthy and Honest Pricing
  • Great Service and High Quality is Our Top Priority